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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY EP12: "So On He Fares" by George Moore

    George Moore was a novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist. Although his work is sometimes seen as outside the mainstream of both Irish and British literature, he is as often regarded as the first great modern Irish novelist, influencing such authors as James Joyce, who we have also featured on this series. "So On He Fares" is the 10th chapter in a collection of short stories called "The Untilled Field" first published in 1903.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep11: "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield

    I know this is more in line with how I present STORIES TELLING STORIES than LOCKED IN A VACANCY but I found Katherine Mansfield’s brief story to be fascinating and worth sharing. While it’s true her life was short, she LIVED IT. In this episode, we examine her short story "Miss Brill" which is both beautiful and dreadfully sad...

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep9: "A Painful Case" by James Joyce

    One of the most influential authors of the 20th century, James Joyce was an author of Irish descent who helped define the modernist avant-garde movement, and is most fondly remembered for his novel "Ulysses" which is an artfully crafted retelling of Homer's Odyssey. But this week we take a deep dive into his lesser know work...

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep8: "The Nightmare Box" by Chuck Palahniuk

    A modern master of gritty, modern, no-holds-barred literature, we take a look at a short story from the pacific north west's Chuck Palahniuk that often goes overlooked in his novel HAUNTED by its grotesque opener "Guts" but THE NIGHTMARE BOX stands on its own and invokes a different kind of fear in those who experience it....

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep7: "The Escape" by J.B. Stamper

    A surprisingly popular Scholastic children's book with a dark tale to tell is the subject of episode 7 of LOCKED IN A VACANCY, as we explore "The Escape" by J.B. Stamper in our dramatic reading, and examine a news story about a real life ice cream shop in MA that closed after a single day after customers were so nasty to a 17 year old girl she quit.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep6: "The Boarded Window" by Ambrose Bierce

    Ambrose Bierce, held in regard for his skill in horror writing alongside contemporaries Poe and Lovecraft, is a fascinating figure who died with nearly as much fascination as he lived... Today we examine one of his lesser-known horror stories... THE BOARDED WINDOW... on episode 6 of LOCKED IN A VACANCY...

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep5: "The Fog Horn" by Ray Bradbury

    This week on LOCKED IN A VACANCY we chat about the ongoing effects of lockdown on our mental and emotional health, and tackle a dramatic reading of Ray Bradbury's short story "THE FOG HORN."

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep4: "Soldier's Home" by Ernest Hemmingway

    Another week in isolation... this time we look at a story by Ernest Hemmingway that tells the tale of a soldier, home from The Great War and feeling lost and disconnected from his life. Nothing is interesting, he has no desire to do ANYTHING... a feeling a lot of us can relate to right now.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep3: "The Door in the Wall" by H.G. Wells

    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep3 has series producer Eric R Hill discussing the latest developments in the ongoing "Stay Home" order in his state, plus the disastrous economic impacts that could come if, as planned, three of the Vermont State Colleges close... He then takes us through a dramatic reading of H.G. Wells' incredible work "The Door in the Wall."

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