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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep21: "Masque of the Red Death" Spooktober 2020

    Prince Prospero, in his auspicious castle, built walls and barriers to separate himself and his chosen elite from the common people, to party and drink and commune without fear. But the Red Death found an entrance… whether by deliberate sabotage or a false sense of security and undiagnosed infection from an asymptomatic individual we may never know… this invisible enemy… this great disease… pandemic… one that “should not be feared” and yet can seemingly be quelled or at least comforted by access to a team of doctors and experimental medication that no insurance company would dream of paying for… it’s so simple… it’s not a bad virus… I’m wincing in pain with each breath as I stand aside the White House doors but after only three days and a cocktail of steroids, narcotics, and antivirals... here I am! A hero! A beacon of hope for all who contract this condition. One that should not be feared - - nay, I dare say I am BETTER now for having had it… stronger… faster… 20 years younger… and better able to lead and to serve with my first-hand knowledge of the true effects of this disease…

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep20: "An Abenaki Legend"

    What started as a silly idea of mine a little over three years ago has morphed into something I could never have anticipated. In episode 1 I finished the silly submarine story that Mrs Hazeltine shared in the film that inspired this podcast. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to write. I wanted to flex my artistic muscles during my theatrical off-season. And now as the STS podcast is on its 50th episode, I’m taking a moment to reflect on just how far this series has come.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY EP19: "RBG: May Her Memory Be a Blessing"

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. She was a trailblazer. An icon. A hero and an inspiration to generations of young women. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said… So for that I will say simply this… let her words be a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a rallying cry for the oppressed, and a thorn in the side of all who would work to roll back the rights she spent a lifetime advancing.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep18: #StopStalking

    In solidarity with "Sweet Anita's" campaign #StopStalking to combat the ongoing issues of stalking and abuse that plagues the creator community, I'm dedicating this episode to raising awareness to this issue. This is not an isolated issue... I've had several creators come forward, either publicly or behind community walls, to share their own stories of stalking and abuse. Only by working together can we stop this ongoing lack of justice for our creators and see to it the law treats their cases as valid, and those guilty of these heinous crimes get the punishment they deserve, instead of 99% of them walking away scot-free.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep17: "Rest In Power"

    The tragic and sudden loss of Chadwick Boseman, after a secret four-year battle with colon cancer has shocked and saddened the world. This is my eulogy for a remarkable man, told in part with his own words, and in relation to Plato telling of The Death of Socrates.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep16: "Sophistication" by Sherwood Anderson

    ”Sophistication” comes from the end of the anthology "Winesburg, Ohio," where recurring character George Willard nears the end of his coming-of-age arc. Having lost his mother in an earlier chapter, George has turned 18 and is wandering the streets feeling lost… like he has no place… no identity… but he finds a spiritual mediator in Helen White, who had undergone her own sort of transformation, and in this kinship they discover they can both find the peace that they were looking for...

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep15: "Regret" by Guy de Maupassant

    Whether he lived a life of regret or not we may not know, but peering at the world through his eyes, we can get a bit of a better idea… This is… “REGRET” by GUY DE MAUPASSANT… on LOCKED IN A VACANCY…

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    STS-305: 3 Year Retrospective PLUS "The Gay Fish Hobbit" by Kanye West

    On the third anniversary of STORIES TELLING STORIES we look back on how far we've come and all the potential places we're going to go as we finish up Season 3 and look ahead to the next three years of the show! Plus "The Gay Fish Hobbit" by Kanye West from SOUTH PARK...

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep14: "The Naked Lady" by Madison Smartt Bell

    After a mid-season hiatus, LIAV returns with "The Naked Lady," a story by Madison Smartt Bell that tells a story of heartbreak and friendship, through the eyes of a good friend. While this story, and the collection in which it was published, was in celebration of southern voices, the themes it contains are universal and the reading will be presented with a distinctly northern flair…

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep13: In Another Country by Ernest Hemmingway

    "IN ANOTHER COUNTRY" is told through the eyes of an unnamed member of the Ambulance corps in Milan, Italy following World War 1, presumed to be from the perspective of Nick Adams, a character that author Ernest Hemmingway created to see the world through his own eyes. The story is short, but concise, and speaks of a myriad of issues of the time, some which have transcended time and are surprisingly relevant today…

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