STORIES TELLING STORIES is a podcast dedicated to exploring pop culture's unfinished stories

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    STS 25K SPECIAL with Diane Jennings

    This week on LOCKED IN A VACANCY we’re celebrating a milestone… having hit 25k downloads for the STORIES TELLING STORIES podcast! It may seem like an unusual metric to celebrate, as most social media looks for nice, round numbers to mark as milestones… but 25 is my lucky number and we’re going to make it count. In celebration of the occasion, I’ve got a special guest joining us this episode…

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep23: "A Nice EGG in these trying times"

    The Egg tells the story of a man who dies rather suddenly and is brought face-to-face with God; taking the opportunity to glean the answers to life’s biggest questions. And given the state of the world right now, we at STS decided to offer our listeners a nice egg in these trying times…

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    STS-306: Stories Telling SCARY Stories SPOOKTOBER 2020

    It’s that time of year again to get SPOOKY! I am DJ Bland and welcome to this very special episode of Stories Telling SCARY Stories! ooOOOOooo! Today we’re bringing you three super short tales of terror and fear, drug up from the depths of the unnamed internet, sure to send a shiver down your spine, just like the Simpsons apparently still do, but let’s be real, who even cares what happened beyond season 10?

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    What would you do if this evil lived inside you? Unseen. Unknown. An insidious disease so deadly and disastrous that it eradicated the majority of humanity in a matter of months? A pandemic with an unknown source and an unknown cure? A painless but assuredly fatal condition that robbed your body of the very bones that hold it all together? And what would you do if you and your child were somehow immune, secret survivors of this condition, watching on as a population desperate for a cure is tearing apart others in search of a solution? Would you speak up and help, or resign yourself to becoming the last human being on earth?

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep21: "Masque of the Red Death" Spooktober 2020

    Prince Prospero, in his auspicious castle, built walls and barriers to separate himself and his chosen elite from the common people, to party and drink and commune without fear. But the Red Death found an entrance… whether by deliberate sabotage or a false sense of security and undiagnosed infection from an asymptomatic individual we may never know… this invisible enemy… this great disease… pandemic… one that “should not be feared” and yet can seemingly be quelled or at least comforted by access to a team of doctors and experimental medication that no insurance company would dream of paying for… it’s so simple… it’s not a bad virus… I’m wincing in pain with each breath as I stand aside the White House doors but after only three days and a cocktail of steroids, narcotics, and antivirals... here I am! A hero! A beacon of hope for all who contract this condition. One that should not be feared - - nay, I dare say I am BETTER now for having had it… stronger… faster… 20 years younger… and better able to lead and to serve with my first-hand knowledge of the true effects of this disease…

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep20: "An Abenaki Legend"

    What started as a silly idea of mine a little over three years ago has morphed into something I could never have anticipated. In episode 1 I finished the silly submarine story that Mrs Hazeltine shared in the film that inspired this podcast. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to write. I wanted to flex my artistic muscles during my theatrical off-season. And now as the STS podcast is on its 50th episode, I’m taking a moment to reflect on just how far this series has come.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY EP19: "RBG: May Her Memory Be a Blessing"

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. She was a trailblazer. An icon. A hero and an inspiration to generations of young women. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said… So for that I will say simply this… let her words be a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a rallying cry for the oppressed, and a thorn in the side of all who would work to roll back the rights she spent a lifetime advancing.

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    LOCKED IN A VACANCY ep18: #StopStalking

    In solidarity with "Sweet Anita's" campaign #StopStalking to combat the ongoing issues of stalking and abuse that plagues the creator community, I'm dedicating this episode to raising awareness to this issue. This is not an isolated issue... I've had several creators come forward, either publicly or behind community walls, to share their own stories of stalking and abuse. Only by working together can we stop this ongoing lack of justice for our creators and see to it the law treats their cases as valid, and those guilty of these heinous crimes get the punishment they deserve, instead of 99% of them walking away scot-free.

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